Simon Gardam 

Organ Donor 

23 April - 7 May 2022

The paintings in “Organ Donor” borrow from one another. Fragments and sections of large fields and bodies of paint have been reappropriated and reconstructed across multiple pictures - at times to the point where the original fragments are acting only as a support for the upper surface.

These methods allow the artist to by-pass the large void, often encountered at the commencement of a painting - something which often feels as though it needs to be addressed with either a large gesture or a painterly exclamation.

Instead, Simon’s process is fluid, with no obvious beginning or end – as, to a degree, the starting point already exists in the form of surgically removed sections from previous paintings. This rejuvenation is reflected within the works, as they fold in and over themselves, continually presenting fresh possibilities and new life. 

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