Anna White: And The Colours Go …

12th– 26th October 2019

It is with much pleasure that Four Eight Four exhibits the inventive and playful abstract paintings and drawings of Anna White.

These multi-layered paintings, produced on sheets of Perspex, and her intuitively instinctive drawings on paper, exude not only the pleasure experienced by Anna in making these works, but also offer to us, the viewer, a sense of a captured moment in time when the artist is very much at one with their materials.

Whilst displaying an affinity with an expressionist approach to abstraction, many of the images also convey a sense of the speed at which we now move and the way we so often view life through the windscreen of a moving vehicle or otherwise via the kaleidoscope of those many and various, unavoidable, digital screens.

As with a number of abstract painters, there is also a sense that music has played an influential part in the making of the work; something which will not be surprising to those who know Anna as an interdisciplinary artist, working also with performance and photography. 

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