30th January – 8th of February 2020

Mordant is a word often associated with printmaking, (particularly etching); the mordant being the liquid bath, in which a metal plate is immersed, in order that it be etched or “bitten”.

In Barry Dickins exhibition of satirical drawings at Four Eight Four, we find both his mind and his pen bubbling over with a full and toothy vigour. The penned insights are sharp and engaging, leaving nothing off limits for Barry, - one of Melbourne’s great Black and White artists.

Many will remember with delight, his irreverent drawings for The Melbourne Times, which accompanied his wonderful articles; the Dickins’ thoughts and experiences of any given week.

The oldMelbourne Times may no longer exist, but Barry, who has painted and drawn since early childhood has never stopped doing, what for him is, the most important work in the world... And that is to have the courage and resilience to live in the land of ideas and imagination.

So, it is our very great pleasure to present for your enjoyment, the intricate and wondrous work of a Melbourne treasure, Barry Dickins.

The exhibition will run from 11.00 a.m. – 5. 00 p.m. Thursday to Saturday, with an opening event, between 6 – 8 p.m. on Thursday the 30th of January.

Please don’t miss your opportunity to view these mordant drawings: they have more bite than a jar of Jalapeno chilis at a Bull Ant’s Barbeque.

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