Eamonn Scott


6 - 15th May 2021              

For almost two decades, Eamonn Scott has been living and working in the north of the country – primarily Queensland and the Kimberley – during which time, he has also made numerous transcontinental road trips between the two states.

Always inventive with materials, Eamonn has a gift for sustainability, often giving new life to pre-used elements – and this recent work is no exception. On this occasion the re-use, is something more of a re-imagining of the sentinels of our northern landscape – the ubiquitous termite mounds.

Eamonn introduces the new work clearly and succinctly with the following words:
Across remote northern Australia termite mounds come in all varieties of sizes and shapes. And some stick in the mind, uncannily resembling forms from the history of art:

The Madonna & child, Michelangelo’s Pieta and David, De Kooning and Giacometti figures, Brancussi forms, Peter Booth humanoid shapes, Morandi objects, Greek busts, Roman sculptures and Rodin figures.

And then the visual references start to take on everyday forms; local dogs, tyrannical world leaders, horned monsters, demons, sharks and surfers....vast fields of beauties and horrors. 

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