6 - 15 October 2022

Garry Adams has for many years now, been engaged with the many painterly possibilities of colour – not only in its more ubiquitous opaque form, but also via the nuanced complexities of transparent or translucent paint – whereby the colours we see in a finished work are arrived at not so much by mixing on the palette, but to a greater degree, stem from a deep knowledge of colour theory, which allow predictions of the possible outcomes of the interplay of various colours when layered on the canvas in a vitreous, or see-through form.

In Garry’s own words:
These paintings are based on the horizontal and vertical grid, influenced by Mondrian’s theory of compositional structure – seeking to integrate related and filtered colours, representative of light spectrums observed in nature, landscape and the skies throughout the seasons.

Areas of pure and adjacent colour combinations create harmonies and strong contrasts – and this seductive colour, with its balance of dramatic and emotional effects interests me – as do the possibilities of achieving a sensory unity from the random possibilities of colour arrangements. 

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