Judith Harley: Musings

6th– 20th July 2019

Art is a splendid space for thinking and questioning and keeping this in mind, it is with great pleasure that Four Eight Four presents the work of Judith Harley, in an exhibition most appropriately titled “Musings”.

Judith, who has recently celebrated her ninetieth birthday, continues to paint with the same vigour and energy, which she also applies to the many facets of her busy life.

Just as visual art often assists an audience to contemplate aspects of life with a broader or deeper understanding, inversely the artist is often able to learn much about themselves and their nature as they consider the creative processes.

Painting is avocation which can be both enduring and endless, to the point where the longer one paints, the more fascinating the process becomes; something which is cheerfully evident in Judith Harley’s intuitive, instinctive, expressionist works.

It has been said by many artists, that in order to capture a moment in paint without losing the vitality and spontaneity of the thought, an artist needs to leave as little time as possible between the idea and the instigation of the action or the making of the mark, no matter the risk.

Judith is a wonderful exponent of this approach and in the exhibited paintings we witness a certainty, a surety in the mark making; hallmarks of the experienced decision making of a seasoned painter and especially one who leads such an eventful life. 

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