Rosie Weiss: The Tree Are Falling Into The Sea And Other Stories: Part Three –Spencer Gulf To Moreton Bay

17th – 31st August 2019

Four Eight Four takes great pleasure in presenting the work of Rosie Weiss, following on from her recent, highly acclaimed exhibition at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery earlier this year.

Rosie has, for decades now, illuminated details which so many of us fail to see, gently nudging us to look again at the astonishing world we inhabit; particularly the far too easily overlooked minutiae.

Some time ago, Rosie, continuing her process of drawing from nature, particularly along the shoreline of the Mornington Peninsula, noticed a dramatic increase in the pace of coastal cliff face erosion, coinciding as it happened, with an increase of blasting in the narrow shipping channel entrance to Port Phillip Bay. To Rosie’s horror, the trees were falling into the sea faster than she could draw them.

The escalating erosion revealed spidery, delicate root systems, which became part of the subject matter for many recent works. Rosie’s concern for this continuing environmental degradation, has turned her into something of a long-distance beachcomber, journeying from the Spencer Gulf, west of Adelaide, to Moreton Bay, north of Brisbane – all the time, watching, thinking, collecting, drawing and painting.

Now, Rosie Weiss presents us with skilfully executed, multi-layered artworks, which, whilst subtle, mysterious and beautiful, also raise important provocative environmental questions which require immediate consideration.  

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