Steven Krahe: The Sickness Of The Paint

8th– 22nd June 2019

Four EightFour is proud to present “The Sickness Of The Paint”; a highly anticipated exhibit of inventive new work from the irrepressible hands and mind of the Box Hill maestro, Steven Krahe.

Collectively, these new works provide interesting conundrums regarding the limits and possibilities of paint. In Krahe’s skilful and patient hands, paint might be a sculptural medium, a galvanising glue or a traditional medium – and at times, all of these things …. all at once.

It is always a pleasure to find this artist’s personality evident in his work, giving us free passage to his laconic wit and free association. Amongst the many interests and art references on display, we find an abiding curiosity in a personal Art Trouve, as well as a sophisticated nod to the Annandale Realists,(one of the more refreshing art movements of the 1960s).

It would be remiss to speak of this group of paintings without considering them not only as individual creations, but also as parts of an evolving continuum. Steven has always had an exceptional eye for the idiosyncratic in life and art, but the breadth of his knowledge and his memory for detail also enables him to make connections between objects, ideas and images, allowing for a playful interaction between the works themselves.

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