6 - 20 November

Art and Science collide in Vas Renn’s extraordinarily complex new works based on the grid systems found in microprocessor designs.

In reproducing these miniature electronic circuit boards on a much larger scale, Vas has collaged found, discovered and searched out fabrics. These, he has un-earthed in both Fabric and Opportunity Shops, later utilising the material’s inherent warp and weft - or at times integrating Printmaking skills to reproduce a particular pattern, thereby altering both the colours and tones of the given fabric.

In Vas’s own words:
The concept of using recycled textiles was a recognition of the complexity of fabrics to simulate digital patterns within microprocessor design, based on the horizontal and vertical grid – leading to an appreciation that the contrasts of electronic colours and their random order make for unique compositions.

These ingenious works reward our attention, offering multiple readings, while contributing yet another layer to the ongoing exploration of geometric abstraction. 

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